Meet Rosie and Stu Bayford our new CMS mission partners

We have a heart for helping vulnerable people and those in need. We feel a deep call to Recife, Brazil, having visited there in 2015 where we were struck by the desperate situation that so many children find themselves in living on the streets.
We are going out to support several homes set up to house, rehabilitate and educate children who once lived on the streets, and who often turn to substance abuse and crime in order to deal with the pain and poverty inflicted upon them. One such home is ReVive, run by fellow mission partners Andy and Rose Roberts, who work specifically with young girls who have been forced into prostitution or physically and sexually abused. Each home working in Recife has a different focus, but we hope to help each of them using our skills in healthcare, art therapy, music, counselling and IT training while also providing web development support to improve the homes’ online profile and awareness.
We also feel called to help those children who are not living in the homes and have no other option but to be on the street. We have a vision to provide the bare essentials in order for them to survive such as basic shelter and food. Through this, we hope to show God’s great love and care for them.
We met in 2005 and immediately became close friends. In 2010, Rosie undertook a discipleship training course in Chile, having had a passion for South America for a very long time. We later began a relationship and as we grew in this, we found that we shared a vision of wanting to help change lives. We travelled to Brazil in 2015 to volunteer in Recife and were immediately exposed to the reality of life for street children. This fuelled our willingness to serve and we both felt a strong call to return. We got married in 2016 and have since been praying about working overseas with street children.

Please pray for:

The next few months as we prepare to leave our close family and friends and say our goodbyes.
Peace as we sort out all the practicalities which can be stressful!
Support and provision to enable us to do this work.
The street children in Recife who are in danger every day, that they would be protected and loved.