For any Safeguarding issues, please contact the Vicar or the Parish Safeguarding Officer.

Our Vicar is Rev. Dave Young and can be contacted on: 0113 2654926 or

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is J Chambers and can be contacted on: 07929783497 or

Please read this document if you suspect or witness abuse, or someone discloses information about a safeguarding concern or allegation.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team can be contacted on: 0113 353 0257 or
The team are:
Jenny Leccardi: 0113 3530 259 or  07872 005189
Narinder Lyon: 0113 3530 256 or 07872 005309
Carla Darbyshire: 0113 3530 258 or 07399 809732

If a child or adult is at immediate risk of significant harm, in the first instance you should always contact your local social services team or local police (call 101).

Leeds Adult Services: 0113 2224401

Leeds Child Services: 0113 3760336

For more information on Safeguarding please visit the Diocese of Leeds Safeguarding webpages: