Use of Social Media
St Barnabas' Church 


Social media sites enable users to create and share content and keep in touch with other users. They include maintaining a profile page on a networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat; writing or commenting on a blog, whether it is your own or the blog of another person; taking part in discussions on web forums or message boards. For many, especially young people, using social media is an extension of physical face to face relationships. It is therefore important that churches also engage with their community and worshippers through these platforms. However, this must be done safely to avoid the risk of:

  • Forming inappropriate relationships.
  • Saying things you should not, such as offensive, sexual or suggestive comments.
  • Blurring the boundaries between public work/ministry and your private life.
  • Grooming and impersonation.
  • Bullying and harassment.

Section 12 of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook states that only social media platforms authorised by the PCC can be used by church members to communicate church activities.

Additionally any authorised social media platforms must have a named church officer who should be aware of the account name and password so that they can at any time log onto the account to monitor communications. The named person should be proactive in fulfilling this role.

Only the following social media platforms are authorised by the PCC:

  • Facebook – St Barnabas (St Barnabas' Church, Alwoodley)
  • Twitter – St Barnabas (@StBarnabasLeeds)
  • Instagram – St Barnabas (@stbarnabasalwoodley)
  • YouTube – St Barnabas (St Barnabas' Church, Alwoodley)
  • WhatsApp Barnabees Planning
  • WhatsApp Barnabees
  • WhatsApp Godzone Planning
  • WhatsApp Godzone
  • WhatsApp Cafe Connect Planning

In respect of each of these platforms the named persons will be Rev Dave Young, Amanda Weston (Church Warden) & Jo Low (administrator).