Easter Messy Church – Saturday 11th April

Coming up this Saturday ‘Easter Messy Church’ online

Here you will find additional information you will need to complete the activities that are featured in the Easter Messy Church video.

Additional Song and Story videos

‘Lord I lift your name on high’ https://youtu.be/C4B2WJcvNm8
‘O Praise the name’ https://youtu.be/LqBpifDpNKc
‘The Easter story’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL8R158Ujp4

Daffodil making with Val

You will need white or yellow paper, small paper cases, paper straw, glue stick, scissors, and felt pen, crayon or paint. See template below or find it on the internet here.

Daffodil Template
Easter Garden with Sarah

You will need a tray, soil, a small flower pot, small stones, gravel, a large stone, moss, flowers and an egg cup.

Resurrection buns with Jo

Cross making with Amanda

You will need two sticks one longer than the other, a piece of string and a pair of scissors.