Chris Baxfield – Ordained as Priest

Congratulaitions to Reverend Doctor Chris Baxfield ordained as priest by The Bishop of Kirkstall (The Right Reverend Paul Slater) at The Minster Church of St Peter-at-Leeds on Saturday 23rd June 2018.
The sermon was given by The Bishop of London (The Right Reverend & Right Honourable Dame Sarah Mullally DBE).

Chris wrote in the order of service,

It has been a great joy to serve as curate of St Barnabas’, Alwoodley and St Paul’s, Shadwell since my ordination last July. We had an eventful end to 2017, with Rachel’s and my second son Alexander joining Henry in December. My training incumbent Dave has guided me through my first school assemblies, funerals, baptisms and numerous other engagements graciously. Not too many complaints follow my preaching, although I am now aware there is at least one Greek scholar in one of the congregations. We praise the Lord for the two Alpha guests who have committed their lives to Christ and pray for more people to know Jesus. I look forward to my first eucharist and to being even more deployable in the Lord’s service.